Heather Roth Fine Art Photography is made of me, Heather, and my husband, Ryan.

Ryan and I met and fell in love in St. Louis. We got engaged in Paris. We got married in Napa. We took a lot of pictures. We have been taking pictures together ever since

I studied fine art, photography and fashion in college and went on to work in NYC, creating window displays for high-end brands and retailers like Bloomingdale’s. I am a collector of all things vintage and a visual merchandiser, but ultimately my passion for connecting with others through art is what led me to launch Heather Roth Fine Art Photography. My fashion and art background very much define my style and approach to photography.

Ryan shares this passion and is also an experienced photographer. Along with being an amazing husband, he is an invaluable business partner who helps with all aspects of running our boutique business. He even shoots weddings with me on occasion. When he’s not balancing the books or providing a little good-old-fashioned encouragement, you can find Ryan running, cycling or looking for our next big adventure.

I treat each event as if it were my own, paying attention to every detail so you can simply enjoy the experience. This includes finding locations that offer interesting aesthetics, while complimenting your personality and occasion. Understanding that each of life’s little moments is its own work of art. Capturing each flash in a unique, honest and beautiful way.

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