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    As a photographer, my philosophy is simple – to capture moments and memories as works of art that are as unique and special as my clients. By combining my background in fashion, fine arts and photography with my passion for portraying beautiful, everyday moments in an interesting and unforgettable way, I aspire to provide every individual an experience that they will share with friends and family for generations to come.

    Please take a peek at a few recent photos and let me know what you think.

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Rachel + Chris | St. Louis Wedding Photography

The end of the year is approaching and I have some pretty cool things in store in 2016 for my brand, my art + me personally! So I wanted to let ya’ll know that I will no longer be writing lengthy blog posts like in the past. (I know you’re not upset, because who really read those anyway? Right?!) 😉

By now, I hope my current clients + friends know me well-enough and that my future clients can get a feel for who I am + of course, my style as an artist + photographer, simply through my images. I’m not naturally a writer so I always had to spend a lot of time writing my posts – and it was hard! But I do love photography + lovely things. I’m here to spread joy into the hearts of my clients through my work. And first up is the charming Rachel + Chris. Here you go!




1 Heather Roth Photography

2 Heather Roth Photography3 Heather Roth Photography4 Heather Roth Photography

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Ceremony  / Annunziata Catholic Church

Reception / The Chase

Design + Planning / Kristin Ashley Events

Invitation / Service Station

Floral / Bloomin’ Buckets

H + M / Danielle Style

Gown / Vera Wang

Bride’s Shoes / Jimmy Choo

Groom / Stalone’s Formal Wear

Cake / Sarah’s Cake Shop

Rentals / Exclusive Events

Linen / BBJ Linen

Band / Charles Glenn

Rose + Pat | Saint Louis Wedding Photography

I know. I have been so MIA. This is the life of a photographer at the end of October. Why I planned my very own wedding at this time of year is also beyond me. Ryan and I are gearing up for our next big travel adventure. We are celebrating our 5th year in Hawaii.:)

I’ve also just recently gotten back from a film workshop in Cali. I’m terribly inspired + a little overwhelmed at the same time. You know what I mean – it’s just how creatives are.

Rosé all day. My sentiments exactly. I really wanted to share some of my favorite portraits from Rose + Pat’s bad a$$ day. Portraits are my favorite part of a wedding day and to most of my clients, the most important thing to them as well. So I arrive at the hotel and all Rose’s best gals are wearing these cute little t-shirts she had gifted. So of course, the stylist + visionary in me asked Rose to bring the shirt to wear during portraits. (And yes, she agreed – that’s my bride!) Seriously hands-down one of my very favorite photos.

Rosé may be out of season at this point, but there is always a big bold Cabernet to warm you up on a chilly evening.

Enjoy the photos!




1 Heather Roth Photography2 Heather Roth Photography3 Heather Roth Photography4 Heather Roth Photography5 Heather Roth Photography6 Heather Roth Photography7 Heather Roth Photography8 Heather Roth Photography9 Heather Roth Photography10 Heather Roth Photography11 Heather Roth Photography12 Heather Roth Photography13 Heather Roth Photography