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    As a photographer, my philosophy is simple – to capture moments and memories as works of art that are as unique and special as my clients. By combining my background in fashion, fine arts and photography with my passion for portraying beautiful, everyday moments in an interesting and unforgettable way, I aspire to provide every individual an experience that they will share with friends and family for generations to come.

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  • video by lovebirdstudios

Kate + Nick | St. Louis Engagement Photography

Spring is seriously my favorite season – I love all the flowering pops of color and I love to see Ryan whip the yard back into shape. The criss-cross mowing pattern is already in full effect. It also allows me to have something to look forward to – Summer + Fall!! AND my birthday is coming up! So I celebrate the entire month of April … into May.:)

Kate + Nick live in Chicago and opted for the Botanical Gardens for their engagement session. We walked in and bam! these pretty pink trees were all in bloom just waiting for us. Another great, laid back couple who were cool with wending the gardens in search of the most perfect spots – including an amazing magnolia tree, where the two found themselves perched (…sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…) Nick even showed us his dance moves to keep things light + fun. I love when a groom can get-it! Me-ow!:)

Hair + makeup: the lovely Annie with Danielle Style




1 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement2 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement3 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement4 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement5 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement6 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement7 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement8 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement9 St Louis Botanical Garden Engagement

Joyatee + Sam | St. Louis Indian Wedding

Our 2015 wedding season is off to a great start, and I’m so excited to kick things off with an Indian celebration with Joyatee + Sam! Joyatee jokes that she is a little bit of a nerd (MIT grad!) and part of the reason why she chose to get married on 3.14.15 (Pi day, for all those who did not do well in math.) The day started out overcast and cool with portraits in Forest Park and then the sun opted to shine the moment the Baraat started in the streets of Clayton (the Baraat is one of my favorites things besides henna at an Indian celebration!). I love love love these portraits, they are so darn cute!

Enjoy the photos!




1 St Louis Indian Wedding2 St Louis Indian Wedding3 St Louis Indian Wedding4 St Louis Indian Wedding5 St Louis Indian Wedding6 St Louis Indian Wedding7 St Louis Indian Wedding8 St Louis Indian Wedding9 St Louis Indian Wedding10 St Louis Indian Wedding11 St Louis Indian Wedding12 St Louis Indian Wedding13 St Louis Indian Wedding14 St Louis Indian Wedding15 St Louis Indian Wedding16 St Louis Indian Wedding17 St Louis Indian Wedding18 St Louis Indian Wedding19 St Louis Indian Wedding20 St Louis Indian Wedding21 St Louis Indian Wedding22 St Louis Indian Wedding23 St Louis Indian Wedding24 St Louis Indian Wedding25 St Louis Indian Wedding26 St Louis Indian Wedding27 St Louis Indian Wedding28 St Louis Indian Wedding29 St Louis Indian Wedding


Planning + Design – St. Louis Wedding Consultants

Venue – Crowne Plaza Clayton

Wedding Sari – Roop Sari Palace, Houston, TX

Reception Sari – Taj Sari Palace, Chicago

Groom + Groomsman attire – Taj Sari Palace, Chicago

Henna – Taniya Hossain

Floral – The Special Event Florist

Hair + Make up – Sweet Melissa

Decor – Exclusive Events

Rentals – St. Louis Wedding Works

Catering – Peshwa

Bakery – Sugaree Baking Company

Horse – St. Louis Carriage Company

DJ – DJsam

Dholi – Daman Singh

Videography – Westview Media

Liz + Kyle | St. Louis Engagement Photography

Ryan and I both received a 23andMe kit for Christmas. It’s a kit where you can send in your saliva to test your DNA for insight on your family heritage. I found out I was 35% Irish! Who knew! So it was pretty fun when Liz + Kyle scheduled their engagement session on St. Patty’s Day! (K-I-S-S-M-E was a fun nod to the occasion.) Props always sound like a good idea, until you run into a few bumps in the road when trying to incorporate them the day-of. Since there is a helium shortage (can someone explain this to me?!), I decided to bring these little blow up letters … on a windy day. (Ahhhh!):)

These two are so cute I can’t even stand it! Prior to scheduling the day, Liz sent me the cutest + sweetest notes sharing her excitement – she wanted it perfect and was willing to do anything! I love that! Still not much Spring color around here, so we found a compromise with a fun colored wall!

Enjoy the photos!



Hair + Makeup – Sweet Melissa

1 Heather Roth Photography2 Heather Roth Photography3 Heather Roth Photography4 Heather Roth Photography5 Heather Roth Photography6 Heather Roth Photography7 Heather Roth Photography8 Heather Roth Photography9 Heather Roth Photography10 Heather Roth Photography11 Heather Roth Photography12 Heather Roth Photography

Lucy | Interior Designer | Heather Roth Photography

I recently got a MacBook Pro so I can take my work on the road with me or work with a friend in a coffee shop. This way I don’t have to feel like a total loner in my office everyday.:)These images are one of the first sets I worked on … in my kitchen!:)My beautiful friend Lucy is starting her own interior design business. She’s a Mom of two little ones and taking her talent to the next level. I love that she asked me to photograph her in her home. She’s stylish, gorgeous and fun – ready to share her ideas with the world.



1 Heather Roth Photography6 Heather Roth Photography5 Heather Roth Photography4 Heather Roth Photography3 Heather Roth Photography2 Heather Roth Photography