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Rachel + Pawel | St. Louis Engagement Photography

I love our flag flying just outside our front door. It reminds me of our freedom and how lucky we are to live in the USA! Thank you to all the troops who sacrifice (and sacrificed) their life to protect us. I might be even more sentimental right now because I read a wonderful book by Lynsey Addario called It’s What I do, A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy that read. Anyway, Ryan and I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend together – I love a long weekend, even if I lose one day shooting a wedding. Ryan and I love exploring new restaurants + things to do around town. While a lot of people were enjoying the lake (in the rain!), we were enjoying sunny days with no-wait brunches, coffee hoppin’, a Card’s game, BBQing with friends on the patio, watching an afternoon movie at the newly updated Esquire + relaxing our worn-out-wedding-feet (I walked 7.43 miles on Saturday … in my new Keds!) with mani / pedis. Not a bad weekend, yeah?! So much fun with my love.

Today I have a fantastic engagement session … Oh my! I was waiting at the Jewel Box – once I got Rachel + Pawel in my sights, I was like WOW, this is going to be so fun + easy! These two go with the flow, are open to ideas + just have fun! My kind of people! And how gorgeous is she?!





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Are your little ones wild or tame during a family session?

Oh my goodness, do I have the cutest session ever to share! If you follow along on my blog or Instagram (@hsrphoto) you have seen this family, plenty. It’s my BFF and her darling little ones! I thought this post could be a great opportunity to educate you on family sessions + encourage something a little more fun… like a styled shoot. This family has been begging me to do something like this for-ever! I’m allowing myself to be for real here, as you will probably agree, family sessions are a real s#$@ show. Right?! Can I get an Amen for a photographer who admits this? It’s a daunting task to choose outfits – to look put-together without being too matchy-matchy. Then, praying/begging the kids to be good after you’ve spent all this time + $$$ + effort for this perfect photograph for your home or holiday card. Because as we all know, kids are always on their best behavior during these sessions.;)Well, I’ve come up with 5 helpful tips to achieve a splendid family session.

1. Timing. Choose a time that is best for the little ones, not your schedule. I find that kids under the age of 4 do better in the AM. However, with this shoot, we worked it in after naps and right before dinner, to get in hair + make up appointments. Trust me, there were melt-downs, but we had several iPads and (non-messy) snacks for a quick recovery! I was so proud of them!

2. Clothing. Pick cute duds that match the personality of the child. Maria and I have the same taste, so this session was super easy to style. In the past we’ve tried putting cute outfits on her little ones that they just hated + trust me, we were punished during the session for this! (No matter how much bribery was involved!) There is not enough ice cream or baby dolls in the world to make them do what we want. We found most of the outfits when we were on a recent girl’s trip in Scottsdale! Holla, Zara Kids! Don’t feel like you have to buy everything new, start by working with the best pieces already in the closet and add what you need to make it amazing.

3. Props. Kids love props + tangible items! If they are having a melt-down moment, it’s a great opportunity to give them something to do or hold. I also love to contain them in one area (with the tent or using a crate or stool). This way they can stay put in my area of best lighting. But really most importantly, I’m not running around like a crazy woman chasing them!;)

4. Develop a relationship with your photographer. I’ve been photographing this family forever. We are going on 6 years now with everyone. The kids are used to me. They did have an advantage by spending a couple days prior to the shoot hanging with us at our house (they live in KC). I was able to prep them with ways to smile without saying CHEESE! They were so proud of themselves for giving me the perfect soft smile, serious face and real giggles. I also worked with Eden, the oldest, on poses. She nailed it, and I’m ready to be her agent. ha ha! Tripp, who is only 2, was so so good and followed the lead of his sisters. For this shoot, we were going for a little more serious.

5.  Have fun, be different + think outside the box. That doesn’t mean coming to your photographer with Pinterest must-haves. Let your photographer have the creativity, spontaneity + freedom to do as they will at the session. Just give little hints to your style and how your home is decorated. Little ones do and say the darndest things, so I always let them lead the session, and with minimal direction from the parents.

So tell me, are your little ones wild or tame during a session? I like a little bit of both, so don’t be afraid, be brave and book a session!

Young, Wild + Free wouldn’t have been so perfect without these amazing people –  Sweet Melissa for hair + make up, Belli Fiori for the beautiful flowers, Courtney Callahan Paper for the banner + The White Rabbit for the stool + paper mâché elephant head. If you haven’t met these gals you need to! And everyone knows The White Rabbit is my favorite local boutique.

Scroll to the bottom for outfit finds!





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Tent – B. E. Little you and me, Etsy

Black tank – Diane Von Furstenburg

Skirt – Chelsea & Violet

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Necklace – Stella & dot

Bracelet – Cartier

Tux – Hemrajani, custom

Shoes – Farragamo

Animal top, tulle skirt with stars  - Zara kids

Black boots – Jelly beans

Feather headband – A tiny arrow, Etsy

Polka-dot top – Zara kids

Gold Boots – Dr. Martens

Feather Bloomers – Million Polkadots

Animal Felt Masks – Magical Attic, Etsy

Star top – Nununu baby

Camo pants – Marloe Jr.

Black kicks – Nike low dunks


[…] kids are beyond ADORABLE), and can not resist sharing… Should also take time to check out Heather Roth Photography blog where she shares super helpful tips on managing your kiddos during a styled shoot as well as even […]

St. Louis Family Photography

When I give Ryan a wedding weekend off to do his thing – like cycling, running or keeping up with yard work – this cool fella is assisting me. Blake is actually the brother of one of our past brides. Little Henrietta just turned 6 months and decided to opt out of  smiling for this shoot. (Dang it!) I’m always cool with a natural look or a serious face – as they make for amazing photos –  but I know to new parents a smiling face is what they want. So we did the best we could and I was laughing so hard myself, just listening to these two jokingly go back + forth demonstrating how to make a baby giggle by raising + lowering your voice.

[Raise and lower your voice] …wwwwheeeeEERRRRdddDAhennnnnrieeetttTTAAA?

Smile, and enjoy!



1 st louis family photography2 st louis family photography3 st louis family photography4 st louis family photography5 st louis family photography6 st louis family photography7 st louis family photography8 st louis family photography9 st louis family photography

Christine + Dan | St. Louis Engagement Photography

A huge part of my job is making people feel comfortable + putting them at ease. I actually pride myself in this ability.:)I love my couples! I find it’s easy to laugh, engage in light conversation and make something that could potentially seem nail-biting a whole lotta fun!

AND then there are couples like this – they completely make that role even easier! I love a gal with a chic sense of style (+ humor.) That darn dress has now been added to my wish list. Dang it, I want it! Christine + Dan chose a perfect breezy day for just the right amount of frock flutter … and wind in the hair. Yes.




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Mackenzie Margaret | St. Louis Newborn Photography

Last week, I decided on a whim to go visit my Mama! It’s something I rarely have the time to do, but now that I have a laptop, I have a little more freedom to take my work with me. I hope all the other Moms out there were able to spend some quality time with their special ones yesterday … or maybe a little time away.;)

Haley + Patrick are a past couple of ours and have welcomed a new little one in their home – Mackenzie Margaret! Her room was decorated so darling and was the perfect place for big brother Liam to hold her … after finally giving in to all the bribery.;)




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