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    As a photographer, my philosophy is simple – to capture moments and memories as works of art that are as unique and special as my clients. By combining my background in fashion, fine arts and photography with my passion for portraying beautiful, everyday moments in an interesting and unforgettable way, I aspire to provide every individual an experience that they will share with friends and family for generations to come.

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Kelly + Jimmy | St. Louis Wedding Photography

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with every Spanish detail in this wedding. The bride’s lace dress, a monogrammed piñata, succulents, papel picados (a Mexican wedding banner die-cut with the couple’s name and wedding date), a pan dulce bar  … and even a mariachi band played during the reception! The only thing missing was the desert and a real live saguaro cactus. Instead, for a scenic backdrop, we opted for the beautiful architecture of the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. I was pretty thrilled that this wedding was over very first to kick off the new year! So forgive me now, as I always start the new year with photo-heavy blog posts.:)

Kelly + Jimmy met through mutual friends … like many of our couples, and at a bar of all unexpected places. The funny thing is that Jimmy never really ventured into that bar. It was happenstance that they were able to connect that night, and 6 years later Jimmy proposes during an ice skating date in Forest Park. He had a friend, incognito, capture the proposal – Kelly even asked why there was a guy taking photos of the bonfire.

I really love these two together. Kelly is a teacher with an art history background so it’s no surprise that she poured a lot of her own time + talent + organization into this day. I also love when a couple will incorporate family history. One special song request for the mariachi band was the same song Kelly’s Grandpa used to sing to her Grandma. She chose to dance to this song with her Dad. (heart!) So sweet! I hold my Grandma very near and dear to my heart, so this one gets me every time I think about it!

Enjoy the photos!




Vendor Love:

Ceremony – Incarnate Word Parish

Reception – Windows on Washington

Gown – Mori Lee, Clarice’s Bridal

Bridemaid Dresses – Donna Morgan

Groomsmen – Vera Wang Black, Men’s Warehouse

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Rings – Lordo’s Diamonds

Hair + Make up – Sweet Melissa

Flowers – Bloomin’ Buckets

Cake – McArthur’s Bakery

Paper Goods – Elise Bess Events

Papel Picados – Calavera Press, Etsy

Wooden Crates + Cake Stands – Finch Vintage Rentals

Chalkboard Calligraphy – Bride, DIY

Pan Dulce Bar – Bakery in Laredo, TX (same one her grandparents and the bride used to go to when she was little!)

DJ – Tippy Wirick + Dave Tilley

Maricahi Band – Nuevo Azteca

Lauren + Ethan | St. Louis Engagement Photography

Oh the in-between – where it still kinda looks like fall, but feels like spring! I just had a family session this morning and things are really starting to bloom in St. Louis! We are almost there! Yay! I’m really excited for the change of seasons, and of course, for the color palette change on my blog.:)

They call each other their puzzle piece. Lauren has been collecting puzzle pieces from Ethan for quite some time. You see, the pieces have been fitting together to reveal a photograph. When she is finally given the last piece he would ask her to marry him. She had only one remaining piece to collect. How sweet + thoughtful!

I love when a couple can really bring their personality to a shoot. Such charisma, these two! They both met + fell in love while working at the Renaissance Faire. I’ve never been, but I can absolutely picture it in my mind. I was actually wishing we could walk around with a beer in a big stein.;)So it only made sense to go there for their engagement session, which happens to be the same spot where Lauren received her last remaining puzzle piece and Ethan proposed.

Their wedding is right around the corner! We are really excited to head back to Overlook Farm this May!





Time to book Spring + Summer Portrait Sessions!

I can’t believe portrait season is right around the corner! I have mega-anticipation for the 60 degree weather planned for this week + next!

We’d like our current + new clients to know we are taking on a small amount of portrait work this year. Some of you are already signed up! Thank you! Every year I strive to give my absolute best quality of fine art work. I put so much love and creative effort into every shoot, all while falling in love with some of the best families ever! It’s taken years to get to this point and I have so much gratitude for those who understand my vision + direction.

Natural lighting, location, outfit + concept all play an important role in a successful shoot. I’m a perfectionist and I love the details. Please remember, I’m first and foremost an artist and then a photographer – (oh, that’s why I’m so crazy!):)In the past, I’ve been asked numerous times to shoot a “quick photo session” or “I need a quick photo for our holiday card”  –  it’s never that easy and it’s not how I want to approach my work. I highly encourage you to think about really planning a fun family or child session with a perfect setting + great wardrobe. One to remember this year! You will be so happy with the results.

We have new albums + new collections for 2014 that I’m really excited about. I’ve taken a little of what we offer our wedding clients and made it available to our portrait clients too. It’s really important to me to keep a fine art feel and approach to every session. As a one-gal-show, shooting too many sessions keeps me from remaining at that level.

TRAVEL UPDATES: KC friends! I will be making a portrait trip April 29 – May 1. Please let me know if you would like to book a session during that time!

A note regarding Fall sessions –  very limited spots are available! If you are interested in booking a session this year, please contact me as soon as possible.

For every referral sent my way this year + current clients repeating sessions, you will be given a $100 print credit! Yay! I’ve grown my business from repeat clients + referrals and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of them. As I continue to grow, I hope that you keep following me in this incredible journey and receive the beautiful one-of-a-kind photo experience that you deserve.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram (@hsrphoto) and Pinterest to stay up to date and follow along with all that’s happening!

Thank you for all your support!

Heather Roth Spring Sessions

Costa Rica | Part 2

I hope you caught my last blog post! In case you missed it click here. We just got back from a pretty cool adventure trip to Costa Rica and I wanted to go ahead and share part two with you! I have so many fun photos, but in the essence of time and not to overwhelm you or bore you to death with someone else’s vacation photos, I just included a few favorites.;)

Costa Rica is so different from any Spanish-speaking country I have been to. It’s verrrry laid back and they definitely live-up to the Pura Vida slogan and lifestyle. Pura Vida means: this is living! this is the life! going great! If you watched the Bachelor this season (worst season ever), like Andi, you would probably get pretty irked with the “Isss okay!” phrase. We heard that so many times among other phrases like “just 5 seconds” and  ”No worries, you’re on vacation!” 5 Costa Rican seconds = 30 US minutes. ha! We joked about it with the locals the entire trip. The people love their country and they love telling you about their culture and wildlife. I seriously have so many neat photos of wildlife and flora – Ryan and I even got out of our boat and hiked into the jungle during the whitewater rafting adventure just to see a sloth! It’s the one moment I did not have my camera with me.:(

I really hope to continue to have this Pura Vida attitude as we start our new year – I wish this for our couples + clients too! It’s really easy to get overwhelmed + busy trying to maintain a life/work balance. (Deadlines are overrated anyway!);)Traveling and taking really good short breaks keeps me inspired + feeling fresh. That’s the plan for 2014! I’m even ready to revamp our bedroom – blues + turquoises – just like our vacation. (Just don’t tell Ryan I have these plans!)

Pura Vida!



P.S.  ….And please remember to take me with you on your next BIG trip – wedding or not!



Love!!! These gorgeous shots took me away for a few minutes! With the current freezing temps & high winds, I needed beautiful paradise escape. Thanks for taking me there :)

Great sentiment and great photos. I am glad you are bringing the Pura Vida home. We have been here in Costa Rica since last June after early retiring here in our early 40′s. The laid back vibe is certainly agreeing with us. In our first 3 months here I lost 30 pounds and dropped my blood pressure meds.

Your photos are beautiful and represent Costa Rica very well. I particularly like the crocodile.

Maria + Danny | Costa Rica

Hola! Ryan and I just got back from a really amazing vacation in Costa Rica! Ryan loves a good adventure and believe me, he had me doing all sorts of things! I have to admit I’m pretty happy just sipping a cocktail near the pool reading + relaxing + reflecting, all while Ryan reads under a shaded umbrella. I could certainly do this for hours. Ryan … not so much.;)So this trip we hiked volcanoes, swam in waterfalls, zip lined 3000 ft above tropical rainforest (YIKES!), traveled the bumpy curvy roads of the countryside, canoed the Cano Negro River near Nicaragua, whitewater rafted the Balsa River, crossed the continental divide 4 times, stand-up paddle-boarded in Culebra Bay, snorkeled with the fishes and sailed the Pacific Ocean with my BFF. We started our trip just north of San Jose and ended at the beach on the Papagayo Peninsula where we met my BFF, Maria, and her husband, Danny (48 hours into the trip he earned the name, “Tanny.”) Refer to him as you’d like, he’s already rolling his eyes.;)

I’m most likely going to have to split this blog post into two – that way you can see more of the adventure I mentioned above. Of course, we had to do a fun love shoot with Maria + Danny! I’ve been photographing them together for years – even pre-kiddos. It’s nice to see my friends break away from the kids (who spent time with the Grandmas) to spend some quality time together as a couple. Before dinner one night we decided to enjoy the private beach of our hotel and capture a few moments before sunset. Tanny even took a few photos of Ryan and me. (I think he has the eye!)

Those who are considering a destination wedding: please, please, please consider taking your local photographer with you! We get so many inquiries for engagement sessions where the couple is doing a destination wedding, but using the hotel’s staff photographer.:(We’d love to pack our bags and join you! If there is one thing that inspires me + keeps me fresh, it’s travel. And l-o-v-e in a destination is even better.

More to come!




P.S. The last photo is a 25 year difference! Wouldn’t you know I’d still be dressing up and taking photographs!