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    As a photographer, my philosophy is simple – to capture moments and memories as works of art that are as unique and special as my clients. By combining my background in fashion, fine arts and photography with my passion for portraying beautiful, everyday moments in an interesting and unforgettable way, I aspire to provide every individual an experience that they will share with friends and family for generations to come.

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  • video by lovebirdstudios

Kate + Nick | Saint Louis Art Museum

Happy Friday! That’s not something you normally want to say to someone who works the next day, but I have the weekend off, so I’ll take it!:)I love giving myself a weekend break to refresh, unplug and get a massage.:)

The next two weddings I’m going to feature are both at the St. Louis Art Museum. What a beautiful venue! This was a first for me, so I found it kinda funny to be there twice in a row.  (Ironically, both brides chose Jenny Yoo bridemaid’s dresses and the groom’s names rhyme. I’m weird.) The museum closes to the public at 5pm, and they allow vendors to come in around 4 to start set up. I don’t know what’s more fascinating to patrons – watching the wedding being set up or the actual art.;)

Kate + Nick’s wedding images are all film! I’ve been having so much fun adding this medium into my work. It’s not something new to me, as college was my first opportunity to shoot and develop my own rolls. I love anticipating how the images will turn out! It also allows me to slow down and really only shoot images that are likely to be really beautiful.

Some will not be able to notice, but those with a creative eye will be able to discern the difference in color + skin tones that film images create. Shooting film does not change my style, and I don’t plan to alter my digital work to mimic a film image. When I first began shooting, I would shoot and shoot and shoot thinking I would need all these images, and that’s what makes a client happy. But over the years, quality over quantity has proven to be the best way to approach a wedding day or really any type of session. I start by working my standard poses to get a couple comfortable, and then really the rest is up to them.:)I give them pointers + tips and let them naturally go with it. I think this is what attracts other couples to my work. My couples really are relaxed + having fun!

The beautiful color-rendering comes at a price – the film is a little pricey (and in somewhat short supply!) and film processing is expensive! But what’s really neat is that film images can now also be made into digital scans, which will definitely appeal to my clients!

Congratulation to Kate + Nick! These sweet two are on their honeymoon, and won’t they be so excited when they return!;)




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Ceremony – St. Francis Xavier College Church

Reception – Saint Louis Art Museum

Coordination – Kristin Ashley Events

Floral – Off The Wall

Makeup + Hair – DanielleStyle

Bridesmaids – Jenny Yoo

Music – Rosewood Ensemble

Lighting + DJ – Millennium Productions

Catering – Bon Appetit

Videography – Sweet Tea Media 


Courtney + Michael | Missouri Botanical Gardens

This post has been saved for over a year and I’ve been dying to talk about sooooo many neat things in this wonderful garden wedding + the brilliance of this bride! I could not share any of the images because Martha loved this wedding! Yes, it was recently featured in the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Magazine! (In PRINT!) Needless to say, it was such an honor and we were all extremely excited for such a momentous occasion.

Courtney is a stationery designer in Chicago. She is extremely talented and it’s obvious with the love and amazing ideas she poured into the details of this wedding. It’s no wonder it caught Martha’s eye! Courtney has ties to St. Louis, having grown up here. When I met with Courtney + Michael, they were both so relaxed and low-key, and I was really excited that she was an artist herself… and that Michael – such a debonair trendsetter! It wasn’t until a few weeks before the wedding that they informed me they were planning on pitching this wedding to Martha. That’s when the pressure really turned on for me! Eeeek, can you imagine?! To be honest, I was extremely excited, but exxxxxtremely nervous. (Poor Ryan working with me that day!) But really, I do better under pressure and because I knew of every detail involved, well in advance, it made things a lot easier on me.

Styling is something I love doing and I think it’s one of my strongest skills I can incorporate into my photography. I’m super thankful for all that I learned about styling during my fashion industry stint in New York City. Styling + photographing the stationery suite for this wedding was such an honor + probably my favorite part. Well, the stationery along with the white J.Crew dinner jacket that Michael sported for the reception!!

If you haven’t already, check out the Martha feature here.

I’m gonna zip it and let the photos do the talking! … And we might just saber another bottle of bubbly tonight to celebrate (again).;)




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29 Heather Roth Photography30 Heather Roth Photography31 Heather Roth Photography

Vendors –

Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes

Reception: Spink Pavilion, Missouri Botanical Gardens

Ceremony Music: Rosewood Ensemble

Event Coordination: Kate & Company

Gown: Modern Trousseau, Fleur De Lis Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Hair: Bonnie Boze

Make up: Makeup by SHE

Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale

Groom’s Tuxedo: Hugo Boss

Floral: Hello Darling

Bouquet Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

Paper Goods: Courtney Callahan Paper

Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Cristine

Cake: Knodel’s Bakery

Rentals: Vintage Plate Rentals

Videography: Lovebird Studios, Here’s a link to the video!

Band: J-Rob

My dad the artist. | Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers everywhere are gearing up for their BIG day, hoping to get pampered by their wives + kiddos this coming Sunday. Every year I search long + hard for that perfect Father’s Day card for my Dad. And every year I find it a difficult task – I get lost in a sea of fishing, golfing + sports enthusiast sentiments. Well, that’s not my dad. I’ve never seen him do any of those things. But I have seen him create. He’s an artist. I thought I would take the time to honor him and share his amazing natural talent on my blog. He has been retired from Hallmark Cards, Inc. in Kansas City since I started college, but has been carving since I can remember. He has created amazing mantles + ornamental pieces for doors, refrigerators and cabinets.

I know I’m a lot like my Dad. He can’t start a project until he’s organized and he has to be “into it” to feel creative. He also doesn’t like to be rushed and wants to finish a project on his own time – a time when he is most creative. I’m exactly like that. My Dad used to photograph a lot too. He is the one who taught me to take a photo that is more candid and not something so posed. It was in high school that he taught me this, and these are still my very favorite types of images today.

To start the creative process, he begins with a realistic drawing. Sometimes my Mom helps him with this, or my Dad will draw it himself. I decided to ask him a few questions about this extraordinary skill of his, wood carving.:)

When did you discover your artistic skills? I remember picking up a pencil at a very young age. 2 or 3 maybe? In the first grade the teacher would ask us to draw something. Everyone had doodles + stick figures, but mine actually looked like something.

How did you discover wood carving? I started working as an engraver at Hallmark when I was 18. I didn’t go to college, but I naturally had a talent for the arts. I had a buddy who left Hallmark to go work in a cabinet shop. He asked if I would be interested in doing what he did. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Did he teach you how to carve? No, I’m self-taught. I take notice of the shape of things + try really hard to make it really look like something.

What kind of tools do you use? I’m a power carver. I use an electric dremel or power grinder, where hard steel cutters at variable speeds cut the wood. The shape of the wood-cut is from the shape of the tool. I don’t really use traditional chisels.

What types of woods do you use? Really whatever the customer wants. But I prefer to work with softer woods that are easier to carve like alder. Stained, it’s a beautiful color. Oak is the hardest wood and the most difficult, but I’ve also carved walnut, ash, oak + cedar.

Tell me the craziest thing you have ever carved? I’ve carved so many things I don’t remember! Everything I create is three-dimensional. I’ve made a 3ft pheasant in the round that was pretty neat. I’ve also carved a lot of woodland things like fish + deer.

What is your best advice for someone wanting to get into art? Start at an early age. Take things simple and take notice of what things look like. If you are a creative, you will see it and have an understanding of perspective. You have to really want it, put your heart into it + keep practicing.

Enjoy the latest project I saw my Dad do! I captured him working in his space – the garage.:)

Happy Father’s Day!




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Steve Bartholomew

Awesome tribute to a great man!!!

Thank you
Steve B

Natalie + Katee | Elephant Rocks State Park

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”  – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Elephant Rocks State Park has been on my shooting-local-list for a very long time! And finally, I have an adventurous couple interested in this unique mid-Missouri oasis. Katee grew up near the park, so she knew the best trails + the perfect place to start. Natalie + Katee are seriously the cutest couple. They love to laugh, read and play with their dogs.

Natalie + Katee met through mutual friends at a NYE party, years ago. They left the party with a goodnight kiss that would not be their last. They ring shopped together + both did surprise proposals in two very special places. Just before Christmas, Katee proposed at Strand, a book store in NYC. She notified the store in advance of her plans and had the First Edition copy of Unaccustomed Earth (one of their favorites) ready. Inside was the photo of the two of them with their dogs she had sent in advance of their arrival. Around Christmas Eve, Natalie surprised Katee at The Cheshire, the same place as their first date.

They even allowed me to take my sweet time + experiment with film. There is a mix of color film + digital, while all the b&w images are film.:)





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Hair + Make up – Annie Heyward, DanielleStyle